How secure and private is this?

The data we periodically collect is restricted to connectivity type, location, accelerometer, WiFi/Bluetooth/Cellular environment, personality traits, browser history and applications’ data consumption status. The mobile phone application data collection and on-the-phone storage is designed in accordance with the state-of-the-art best practices in application development. The data collected on the phone is encrypted and inaccessible by any other application installed on the same phone or to any other third party, even in case your phone gets lost or stolen. Moreover, any user’s identity information available in the collected data or in the questionnaire will be completely and irreversibly anonymised before its transfer to the central servers. The on-the-phone collected data and questionnaire data will be transferred via a secure transmission protocol to the central servers. The servers at which the data is stored will be located at a secure location at the University of Toulouse campus and at the INRIA Saclay – Ile de France. Beside these servers, the questionnaire data will be also stored in a server in a secure location at the Univeristy of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI). The anonymised data will be available exclusively to researchers participating in the ERA-NET CHIST-ERA “MACACO: Mobile context-Adaptive Caching for Content-centric networking” and IMU Priva’Mov projects, and only for the purpose of conducting the hereabove described research.