The MACACO consortium includes six international academic research teams. The project regroups partners with the exact required expertise for its success. The consortium was carefully constituted to gather partners that are qualified to address the “context-content correlation and related data offloading challenge”. The six partners come from academic research laboratories in Europe and in Brazil.

MACACO is coordinated by INRIA Saclay, and funded by ANR in France, SNSF in Switzerland, and ESPRC in UK. The CNR, Italy and UFMG, Brazil will not be funded for their participation in the project.

Overview Partners

Besides the coordination of the project, INRIA will contribute to the design of opportunistic prefetching/caching algorithms for data-offloading. INPT-ENSEEIHT will contribute to the efforts on context/content modeling. University of College London will define new models and algorithms of user behavior and content usage, including forecasting algorithms. SUPSI will contribute to user mobility and traffic prediction, user data privacy, network load estimation and opportunistic mobile data caching offloading. CNR contribution will lie in synthetic trace generation process, mobility content demands model definition, and network protocol design. UFMG will contribute to the user behavior characterization and prediction mechanisms as well as prefetching/caching protocol design.

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